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Enter the Dragontape
Welcome to the Dragontape for iPad, your portable video jukebox for all mixtapes created on The viewer is crafted to support the smoothest viewing experience with minimal controls and a slick interface. No clicks, no page reloads, no waiting, just sit back and enjoy the power in simplicity. And good mixtapes, of course.
A whole lot of fun on your lap
Minimal controls and a smooth viewing experience. That's a portable TV a.k.a. fullscreen visual mixtape, much like a portable gallery of music video broadcasts, documentaries, party boosters, in essence: great stuff. If you want to share or like a tape, you don't have to navigate elsewhere - the widget interface takes care of all your needs.
More to love, more to rock
Explore thousands of public tapes in our gallery via searchwords or different categories: popular tapes, hot tapes, the latest user contributions or our weekly staff picks! And obviously your own tapes if you want to show the best available stuff to your friends.
Not just video
It isn't just YouTube videos that you can add into a Dragontape. You can also include SoundCloud tracks and audio clips with your app - if you can embed it, it plays in our iPad app. Consider this as an alternative for streaming radio!
Dragontape editor is in the house
We finally present you the update that many of you have been long waiting for - the full-fledged iPad editor that gives you the possibility to create, cut, edit, rearrange or remix tapes while in bed, on a coffee break or taking a pause - well, basically anywhere!
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