Useful stuff for dragontaping

Remote Control for Dragontape with Tubemote

Tubemote is an app of ROCK - you can remote control YouTube videos,, Scribd, etc. from basically any smartphone.

To remote control dragontapes
  1. Sign up at tubemote in one sec than hit 'channel' button.
  2. Point your phone to and log in with the same account.
  3. Now choose 'web' from the dropdown and enter


With Webassistant you can take the interwebs to places without any connection. Neat trick, huh? If you direct your web traffic through WebAssistant, you can instantly build up a copy of all the pages you visit so you can surf them offline whenever you like - thinking about taking your Dragontape experience on the road?

Kylo is a web browser that soars best on a TV connected to a computer. It’s your HDTV on the web - with Kylo you can enjoy your favourite online videos, music and games from your couch with an easy-to-use interface. For both Mac and Windows.
Bookmarklet Buttonbeta

Want to browse through dozens of videos and edit them later? Use the Dragontape bookmarklet to make this real easy: put it into your bookmark bar and click it whenever you see a video that you want to put into your tape. When you’ve done gathering, press Go Create to put them all into one tape! (What is a bookmarklet? see on Wikipedia)

To Dragontape
- Drag this button to the bookmark bar (Chrome’s bookmarkbar not visible? Go to view menu and hit “always show bookmarks bar”)
Chrome Buttonbeta

Press this Chrome Button to put Dragontape into your Chrome Apps inventory. What does that mean? It means you can gather videos you want to put into your tape with this button. When you’ve gathered enough, just press the Go Create button to put all the videos into one tape!

- Get the plugin from the Chrome Web Store