Create / Curate

Edit Your Mixes

Drag the videos you want on your tape, arrange them, cut the parts you don’t need, set a number of seconds for fading in/out/.

Twitter Mixes

Feed your tapes with Twitter - great for party tapes or a self-updating newscast.

Search Videos & Tracks

Search for your favorite YouTube videos or Soundcloud tracks in Dragontape's search box

Import Your YouTube Favorites & Playlists

Type 'favs: username' or 'playlist: username' in the search field to access your public YouTube playlists and favorited videos or search for the videos of specific YouTube users by entering 'uploader: '

Customize Your Looks

Flip through the thumbnails of the YouTube videos you've used on a tape and select the most fitting one. This will also be the background for the tape page.

Public or Private?

Show your tape in the Dragontape gallery or keep it private. You can even let people edit it.

Get In The Charts

Promote your tape to get it in to the Hotlist - or even Featured list if we think it's really special.

Your Tapes In The Cloud

You can create and access your tapes wherever you are, from your computer, iPhone, iPad and soon from your Android phone.

Share / Distribute

Sharing To Your Social Networks

Post directly to Facebook or Twitter account or your personal blog.

Embedding On Blogs And Facebook

Embed your mixtapes right into your blog post or even into Facebook updates.

Listen / Watch

Find Great Tapes

Our brand new website design let's you easily navigate through the different lists in our gallery. See which tapes are successful on Dragontape and find out which tapes your friends liked.

Easy Listening

Listen to some of the best curator’s tapes and and quickly browse through the songs without waiting for them to load.

Interact On Tapes

Favorite and like to support the great tapes you just discovered and give your feedback by leaving a comment.

Edit Tapes You Like

If you find a tape you really like, copy it to your own account and edit it to your likes.


Wake Up for Something New

Pick Twitter users who regularly post videos you like, add their names to your tape and whenever they post something new, it appears in your tape!

How to Make Crowdsourced Music

You can easily link a Twitter hashtag to a tape when your tape editor is open. It means you can either grab videos related to a hashtag or you can make up your own and let your friends decide about what to play next at a party.