Dragontape is a collaborative online video merging service with which you can drag online videos starting with YouTube onto a 'tape' that can be shared with the world.

Basically, it is a browser-based visual playlist editor, which enables users to merge video files from different online sources into one. The result is a new gapless video which can be easily shared and embedded as if it was a single file - meanwhile the sources remain in their original location so there are no duplicates only a rearrangement of files. With the quick search function users can find their favourite video within seconds and integrate it into their playlist by simply dragging it on their endless tape.

The idea behind Dragontape was born after a party in Peter's apartment late 2009 where he asked his friends to bring their YouTube playlists in order to turn a simple get-together with music in the background into a fun and entertaining social event.

As he could not find the right tool that makes playlist creation easy and fun he decided to build a prototype that enabled friends to create visually organized video playlists. The evening was a huge success and Tamas realized the great potential of the product. After testing the idea in a closed group turning their friends into enthusiastic playlist creators (and enduring another fun night with good food and music), they decided to set things right and develop an easy to use service and go online within a short period of time.
Dragontape is currently in beta phase, there are some known issues and various problems may occur. If you come across bugs or have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at: feedback@dragontape.com


Dragontape runs under the most popular browsers, please use one of these in order to get the best experience.

Windows: Firefox 3.6.6. or later, Chrome, Internet Explorer 8 or higher (with some limitations!)
MacOS: Safari, Firefox, Chrome
Linux: Firefox, Chrome

New service!

We're proudly present our new storytelling service called Metta. It's like Dragontape but you can use all kind of media to tell your story. Please take a look!



Tamás Szakál, Founder, CEO
Péter Szakál, Founder, Product Director

Richárd Gazdik, UI Designer
Ákos Bartl, Backend Architect & Developer
Tamás Mezei, Backend Engineer
Attila Garancsi, iOS Developer
We are hiring, Frontend Developer (YUI3, Flash)
Pierre de Schaetzen, Community & PR
Attila Sütő, Official Mixtape VJ

Zsombor Gegesy, Backend Developer (EU Edge)
Róbert Szalóki, Frontend Developer (EU Edge)


Fred Eberlein, Business Development Advisor
Márton Anka, Founder of LogMeIn
Ádám Somlai-Fischer, Founder and Head of Design of Prezi.com
Viktor Szathmáry, Founder and CEO of Scarab Research and EU Edge


Email is the best way to get in touch with us if you're looking for business info, partnerships, press info, or simply have something private to say to us. Drop us a note at hello@dragontape.com

For questions/comments about technical stuff our community support page is much better suited. Follow us on Twitter or visit our Facebook page for regular updates and news.